“O Come to the Altar” Elevation Worship Piano CHORDS

"O Come to the Altar" Elevation Worship Piano CHORDS

“O Come to the Altar” is a popular Christian worship song by the band Elevation Worship. It was released in 2016 as part of their album titled “Here as in Heaven.”

The song has become widely recognized in Christian worship settings and is often sung in churches and gatherings.

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Music Information & History

  1. Writers: The song was written by Chris Brown, Mack Brock, Steven Furtick, and Wade Joye. Chris Brown is one of the worship leaders at Elevation Church, and Mack Brock was also a part of Elevation Worship before pursuing a solo career.
  2. Album: “O Come to the Altar” is part of Elevation Worship’s album titled “Here as in Heaven,” which was released in 2016. The album features a collection of worship songs with a focus on praising God’s presence and power.
  3. Theme: The song’s lyrics emphasize themes of redemption, forgiveness, and coming to God’s altar to receive His grace. The chorus highlights the significance of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross as the means of obtaining forgiveness.
  4. Success: The song quickly gained popularity in Christian worship circles and has been widely used in churches for congregational worship. Its powerful message and memorable melody contributed to its success.
  5. Music Style: “O Come to the Altar” features a contemporary worship style, characterized by its use of modern instrumentation and production techniques. The song’s energetic and anthemic arrangement makes it suitable for congregational singing.
  6. Impact: The song’s message resonates with believers who find comfort and renewal in the act of approaching God’s altar with a repentant heart. It has been used in various worship contexts, including church services, conferences, and events.
  7. Awards: While my information is current up to September 2021, I don’t have real-time data on awards or accolades received by the song. However, it’s worth noting that songs from Elevation Worship have received recognition and awards within the Christian music community.
  8. Covers and Adaptations: “O Come to the Altar” has been covered by numerous artists and worship bands in various languages and musical styles. Its accessibility and meaningful lyrics make it a popular choice for worship leaders and musicians.
  9. Music Video: Elevation Worship released an official music video for the song, featuring live performances from their worship services. The video captures the energetic and passionate atmosphere of their worship gatherings.
  10. Continued Influence: Even beyond its initial release, “O Come to the Altar” continues to be sung and appreciated in worship settings around the world, reflecting its enduring impact on the worship community.
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Music Video

In quiet moments, fingers gently dance,
Upon the keys, they find their sweet romance.
A melody unfolds, both gentle and strong,
As I play the song on the piano all along.

The ivory canvas beneath my touch,
Whispers secrets, oh, how much!
“O Come to the Altar,” its notes take flight,
Guiding my heart through the still of night.

Each key a doorway to a world unknown,
A journey of emotions, like seeds sown.
The chords rise and fall, a river’s flow,
Carrying the message, letting it grow.

The melody weaves a tapestry of grace,
In its embrace, troubles find their place.
With every note, a prayer takes wing,
As I play the song, my heart starts to sing.

The highs and lows, the ebb and flow,
Echo the journey that we all know.
From brokenness to healing’s embrace,
The piano’s song finds its sacred space.

So let the music linger, let it tell,
The story of redemption’s gentle swell.
With each keystroke, a promise anew,
Playing the song, a worship pure and true.

"O Come to the Altar" Elevation Worship Piano CHORDS

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