“To Be with You” Mr. Big Piano CHORDS

"To Be with You" Mr. Big Piano CHORDS
"To Be with You" Mr. Big Piano CHORDS

“To Be with You” by Mr. Big is a power ballad that gained widespread acclaim for its catchy melody, heartfelt lyrics, and acoustic guitar-driven sound.

The song’s success marked a departure from the band’s typical hard rock style and showcased their ability to create a more intimate and accessible song.

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Music Information & History

  1. Acoustic Departure: “To Be with You” was a departure from Mr. Big’s typical hard rock sound. The band was known for their heavier music, but this acoustic-driven ballad showcased their versatility.
  2. One-Hit Wonder Status: While Mr. Big had other songs and albums, “To Be with You” is often considered their biggest hit and the song they’re most recognized for. It’s sometimes referred to as a “one-hit wonder,” even though the band had a more extensive discography.
  3. Songwriter and Lead Vocals: The song was written by Eric Martin, the band’s lead vocalist, and it features his distinctive and emotive singing style.
  4. Unexpected Success: The band members initially didn’t expect “To Be with You” to become such a huge hit. Its success took them by surprise, especially considering its departure from their usual sound.
  5. Number One Hit: The song reached the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States in 1992, remaining there for three weeks. It also topped the charts in other countries around the world.
  6. Chart Performance: “To Be with You” was Mr. Big’s first and only top-charting single in the United States. It was a part of their second album, “Lean into It.”
  7. Unplugged Version: The song’s popularity led to an “unplugged” version being recorded and released. This version showcased the band’s acoustic prowess and allowed them to perform the song in a more intimate setting.
  8. Japanese Connection: Mr. Big had a significant following in Japan, and their popularity there contributed to the song’s success. The band members often expressed their gratitude to their Japanese fans.
  9. Music Video: The music video for “To Be with You” features the band performing the song in a simplistic setting, capturing the essence of the acoustic-driven ballad.
  10. Longevity: Despite being released in the early ’90s, the song continues to enjoy popularity through streaming platforms, classic rock radio stations, and covers by other artists.
  11. Legacy: “To Be with You” is often included in ’90s nostalgia playlists and compilations, and it remains a symbol of the era’s rock balladry.
  12. Wedding and Love Song: The song’s romantic and heartfelt lyrics have made it a popular choice for weddings, love-themed events, and even as a dedication between couples.
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Music Video

In a room bathed in soft, gentle light,
I sit before the piano, poised and bright.
With tender fingers, I touch the keys,
Eager to bring forth melodies that please.

“To Be with You,” a timeless refrain,
A song of longing, joy, and sweet pain.
I let my hands dance on ivory and ebony,
Unlocking the emotions this melody carries.

The first notes trickle like a gentle stream,
Awakening dreams from within the dream.
Each chord, a whisper, each note, a sigh,
As I journey through time, letting music fly.

I paint the verses with harmonies so true,
Weaving a tale of love, heartfelt and blue.
The piano’s voice, an echo of my heart,
Guiding my fingers, creating a work of art.

The bridge unfolds with a delicate touch,
Emotions swell, as if they were a rush.
I feel the song’s heartbeat, its yearning so clear,
Every keystroke, a confession I hold dear.

And as the chorus arrives, I soar and sway,
Carried by the melody, I find my way.
The piano sings, and I’m lost in its embrace,
Lost in the beauty of each note’s grace.

With the final chords, the song gently fades,
Leaving a sense of connection that never degrades.
“To Be with You,” on these keys I’ve laid,
A poem in music, a memory made.

"To Be with You" Mr. Big Piano CHORDS

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